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  • Focusing on others is not unselfish

    Occasionally, our ScreamFree Parenting and Marriage materials receive a criticism for telling folks they need to focus less on…

  • Lunatic DNA

    I admit I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to taking pictures, especially pictures of my kids. And I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen the dozens hundreds of pictures you post on Facebook, too.  We love our kids and we want to show them to the world. Well, before the days of […]

  • The Impossibility of Leading Without Learning: How My Kid Taught Me How to Lead

    There he was, in the open field. His black cleats were gingerly, but purposefully kicking his blue soccer ball. My son, looked focused and determined to score his 2nd goal of his Under 5 (U5) soccer game. As I was watching him sprint down the field using the “tiny kicks” that he had learned in […]

  • I Stopped Parenting My Kids—Today

    I’m done! This parenting thing, it is just too hard. I am declaring to the world, or at least to those that are reading this post, that, “I quit!” I have truly had enough of this whole process. My decision is based upon logic, not emotion. I’ve thought long and hard about my decision and […]

  • Girls Gone Wedding

    So you’re getting married! Congratulations! Such an exciting time in your life! Now onto planning the big day.  Planning a wedding can be such a fun adventure. I got engaged 19 years ago, long before the days of endless wedding ideas on Pinterest, Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings. When my husband and […]

  • They’re Coming to Take Me Away..I hope

    So here we are, exactly 2 days into summer vacation and I am already wondering what momentary lapse of reason caused me to believe that I could work from home whilst the munchkins were at large. It’s not as if my line of work requires any sort of concentration or quietude..oh, wait…that’s right…I’m supposed to […]