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  • Don’t Be So Nice

    Those who know me personally know that I’m not really big on “nice.” I don’t really strive to be “nice,” I don’t really trust people who are always “nice,” and one of my favorite parenting books is The Danger of Raising Nice Kids by Timothy Smith. Now, all this is not because I prefer the opposite of nice; I don’t ever want to come across as mean or cruel or cold (well, almost never). But I also don’t ever want to be seen as so sweet or pleasant or “agreeable” that I really have nothing substantive to offer. Especially in my marriage

  • What’s Your One Relationship that Matters Most?

    Here at ScreamFree, one of our missions is to help you bring peace into the relationships that matter most.
    Naming what those relationships are is not terribly difficult for most people. But what about naming the ONE relationship that matters most to you? How would you determine that?