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  • Blaming Your Mate

    Claiming you’re blameless In all your marital woes Seals a mate-less fate. Peace begins with pause,

  • Adult Education

    People often ask if being ScreamFree means not caring what other people think, do, or say anymore. This is a fairly common misconception amongst people who tend to think in extremes. Either you allow their words and actions to boil your blood or you shut down emotionally and tune everything out.

  • Couples Need to Disagree

    When it comes to such critical areas as parenting, finances, or how to deal with extended families, we are all tempted to believe a very damaging lie: If we are to be truly “one,” then we cannot be divided by disagreement.

  • Humbled but Hopeful

    We at ScreamFree were humbled yesterday by the incredible response to our Daily Pause invite for your summer questions. Humbled by the number of your responses, because there are so many folks who look to us for daily practical peace, and humbled by the nature of your questions, because there are so many of you really hurting, and searching.

  • 4.5 screamfree conflict

    Can You Live with It? (part II)

    Two days ago we talked about a very powerful truth: when we cannot control our own emotions, we inevitably try to control other people’s behavior.

  • ICYMI — 11

    Most Fridays you’ll find me here posting links to interesting things I found while looking around the internet. I post them here just in case you missed it. Hence the title of the post. Get it? I don’t think it’ll come as a shock to hear that people are often less than completely truthful when […]

  • Podcast #41 — ScreamFree Divorce?

    On this week’s episode of “You Must Chill” The latest generation of young adults looks at the idea of marriage through a very different lens and wonders if a lifelong commitment is wise to make at such an early age. With a changed view of marriage, though, must come a changed view of divorce. Listen […]

  • Ask the Expert: Is Marriage Worth It?

     Q: “Honestly, I’m not sure how to ask what I want to ask here. I look around and all my friends are doing everything they can to get married. But I also look around and see all these married people doing everything they can to get divorced. It sometimes seems like marriage is some kind […]

  • Holding On To Calm In The Midst Of A Divorce

    Of all the subjects to write a blog post about, this one is probably my least favorite. I say least favorite because it is so stinking difficult to write about. What is it that I am referring to? Divorce. There, I said it. Divorce. One more time for good measure. As one who loves and […]

  • Tip of the Day: A Father’s Biggest Job

    “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” Author Unknown This should go without saying, but the reverse of this is true as well. If you are blessed to have a two parent household, spend at least as much time cultivating that relationship as you do working […]