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  • Is it too late?

    Is it too late? I get asked that question on a regular basis. After learning about the power of pause, and the ScreamFree way of living and leading, some people are eager to know if their mistakes are too great to overcome. My answer is always…

  • How to Have a Better Mothers’ Day Next Year

    To all the moms out there: Did you have a good Mothers’ Day? Was it everything you hoped…

  • A Reason to Clean???

    Let me start this post by saying this. I am not a clean freak. I do not have a cleaning schedule. You cannot eat off of my floors (well, I suppose you could, but you would be taking your life into your own hands if you did). But I will say this – when I […]

  • Six Little Ducks Went Out to Play..on I-85

    Ok, so my morning started out with an extremely weird and disturbing event. After dropping the kiddies off at their respective camps (thank GOD), I hopped onto the interstate to make my way into work. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and Stevie Ray Vaughn was growling his way through The House is a Rockin’ […]