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  • The Real Message of Advent

    At its most universal, the Christmas story is about the advent of Peace itself, coming down to earth.

  • Un-cuffed for the Holidays?

    Holiday season can be very difficult for single adults. Apparently there’s a thing now called “cuffing season,” beginning in October, which refers to single folks’ desire to “cuff” themselves to a partner so they won’t have to go through the holidays alone.

  • Dating Lessons

    Talking to teenagers about dating can prove very difficult. Choosing which of our own experiences to share, and which of our hard-earned lessons to teach, is half the battle.

  • Light-hearted

    One phrase that’s always interested me is “light-hearted.” A common way we hear it is this: “That movie is a light-hearted comedy.”

  • Demonstrating Your Spirit

    If this is a holiday season for you, and you’re anticipating “drawing near” to friends and family, here’s a thought:

  • How do you define “Home”?

    I hope this quote is true for you. I hope that being “home” with your family does bring a million smiles. For others of you, I know it doesn’t.

  • The War Can Be Over

    A simple truth, really, but one of the most difficult to embrace:

  • Taking a Sleigh Ride to Happiness

    One of the hallmarks of true adulthood is whenever we stop reacting against reality, and start adapting ourselves to it.

  • Follow the Light

    I have to admit, I was surprised to find this lyric within such a jolly, simple song. “Peace on earth will come to all, if we just follow the light”?

  • Decorations That Really Sing

    For those like me who tend to overdecorate this time of year, this last verse from a classic song offers a needed reminder: