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  • Couples Need to Disagree

    When it comes to such critical areas as parenting, finances, or how to deal with extended families, we are all tempted to believe a very damaging lie: If we are to be truly “one,” then we cannot be divided by disagreement.

  • Find Your Funny Bone

    “The wit makes fun of other persons; the satirist makes fun of the world; the humorist makes fun of himself.” (James Thurber) Humor has this amazing ability to diffuse tense situations — especially within families. But one must be certain that the target of this humor is a safe one. More often than not, the […]

  • Funny Business

    “I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.” (Frank A. Clark) A ScreamFree Take on Funny Business:  In parenting, a good sense of humor is a must. There are going to be times when all you really can do is laugh. There’s a scene in the movie […]

  • Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Lighten Up

    I love William Shatner. He and Alec Baldwin are the two people on this earth who could literally read a chinese take out menu and have me in stiches. The thing that’s great about them both is their uncanny ability to make fun of themselves. But they weren’t always this way. Shatner, in particular, used […]

  • The Sauce that Binds

    So, Hannah is now 12 and is officially hormonal. There are moments in the day when she is kind and sweet and there are other moments when she is …. um ….. not. I wanted to spend some time alone with her, so I pried her off of the computer and took her to Costco […]

  • Freedom!!!!

    School started this week and I can’t tell you how glad we ALL are. It goes without saying that I am psyched. I’ve been marking down the days since the first “I’m bored!!!” of the summer holidays. But I was quite surprised by how ready my kids were to go back to school. I was […]

  • A Proud Mom Moment

    My family is not obsessed with Indiana Jones…ok maybe just a little obsessed. But we’re not completely gone. I mean, it’s not like we still have Hal’s old school Raiders of the Lost Ark sleeping bag, or the new Indiana Jones Life game, or incriminating photos of Hal dressed as his hero for Halloween. No, […]

  • Indiana Jones and The Last Garage Door

      If any of you know my husband, you know that he loves (and when I say loves, read “has a tremendous man crush on”) Indiana Jones. There are so many stories I could tell that testify to his devotion, but there are some things better left unsaid. What I will tell you about is […]

  • Carpool, Unicorns, and Barack Obama

    Carpool is an underrated parenting tool. True, you have to be willing to trade your clean car and peaceful commute for chaotic chatter and OKR (other kids’ residue), but I have found that it is well worth the sacrifice. Why is that? Because carpool has taught me more about my children than any other school […]