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  • Self-Esteem or Self-Respect?

    In order to build our kid’s self-esteem, many of us have tried to…

  • Do your homework!

    If you’re worried about your kids’ schooling, think about …

  • Without this, you can’t learn anything

    A love of knowledge is not the same as…

  • Don’t Do What Comes Naturally

    What comes naturally for us Homo Sapiens sometimes makes us animals; what natural urges we’re able to manage and master make us human.

  • Live to Laugh Another Year

    We’ve all had one of those days. One kid breaks his arm. Another fails her biology final. The car won’t start. You miss your flight, and you spill coffee all over your laptop.

  • 4.4 screamfree parenting

    Parent Education…from Our Kids

    Watching my son mature into a man is a joy-filled experience. It’s also making me quite reminiscent. I remember, for instance, when he taught me a better way to parent.

  • 3.14 screamfree learning

    Teaching Our Kids How to Learn

    My son, a sophomore in high school, asked me for help with a school project yesterday. It wasn’t Chemistry or Pre-Cal, ‘cos he knows he passed my knowledge in those areas years ago. No, this was Psychology—a topic I know something about.

  • 3.10 screamfree mother

    Lean on Thee

    When we took our two kids skiing for the first time, about 12 years ago, we got ‘em a private teacher for the whole day. Actually we got two, one for them and one for us, since it had been awhile since Jenny and I had hit the slopes.

  • Brain Function Related to Stress Levels?

    In prepping for my new adventure this fall (I’ll be returning to the classroom full time) I’ve been doing a little research. There’s a new class for juniors and seniors that I’m developing called “Communicating in the Digital Age”. In my studies, I ran across a very interesting article published by the University of California […]