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  • Stop caring so little about your looks

    One of the “joys” of having teenagers is listening to them make fun of your little quirks and idiosyncrasies.
    Two of mine that get highlighted regularly are 1) I’m terrible at imitating accents (everything ends up sounding Jamaican somehow); and 2) I apparently have RJF (resting jerk face).

  • Would you rather be unhappy, or uncomfortable?

    One of the most difficult things about being a professional helper is watching people choose unhappy over uncomfortable. Rather than choose to take a new, albeit uncomfortable step, they choose to sit back into their familiar unhappiness.

  • Do Our Feelings Shape Our Facts?

    [Before we begin, a warning: this may step on your toes a bit. And it’ll take you about 3 minutes to read, if you dare.]

    Yesterday I told you about my 19yo daughter reaching out to me while babysitting the other night. For no specific reason, she was frightened for her safety and for the safety of the kids. My daughter knew the facts about her situation (an intruder would be extremely unlikely), but the facts were not impacting her feelings…enough. She wanted her father’s voice, and the reassurance that comes with our lifelong relationship.

  • Terror in Our Homes

    I know it sounds foolish, but I honestly believe for most of us, we are more scared of those in our own homes than even the most evil terrorists in the world. This is not because the terrorists aren’t terrifying. It’s because for the vast majority of us, they aren’t terribly close. The chances of […]

  • Having a Clean House is Overrated

    Imagine your child in 25 years, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend as they reminisce about their childhood. What would you rather hear as a fly on the wall?