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  • 4.29 screamfree living

    People Like to Freak Out

    It’s been well-documented that food allergy reactions are, for some reason, on the rise. I would offer that an even worse kind of reactivity is also on an uptick: emotional reactivity (which we call “screaming”)

  • 3.29 screamfree parenting

    Doctor Knows Best

    The real mission of ScreamFree is simply to help people create a small pause, a breath between stimulus (your kids pushing your buttons) and response.

  • 3.9 screamfree pause

    The Power of Pause

    It’s amazing what we can do in a single second: a human eye can blink 7 times, a commercial jet can cover 800 feet, and four babies are born around the world. On the other hand, it’s also amazing what we can undo in just a second: a marital covenant, a child’s self-worth, a professional reputation.