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  • 3.11 screamfree marriage

    Winning in Marriage

    Bill, a coaching client of mine, recently told me of a victory in his marriage. It was not a victory over his wife, mind you, because in marriage, your spouse is never your real opponent. No, Bill was talking about a victory over the real enemy of marriage, Resentment.

  • More than Stereotypes

    “There is only one thing to do for a man who is married to a woman who enjoys spending money, and that is to enjoy earning it.” (Ed Howe) A ScreamFree Take on More Than Stereotypes: Obviously, some folks think that quote’s funny. Comedians and even some marriage experts make their careers out of exploiting […]

  • ScreamFree Marriage

    Calming Down, Growing Up, and Getting Closer Through the best-selling ScreamFree Parenting, Hal Runkel showed thousands of parents how keeping their cool can revolutionize their family life. In his groundbreaking book, ScreamFree Marriage, Runkel shows couples how learning to stay calm, in the face of common marital conflicts, is the key to creating and enjoying […]

  • The Dust Has Settled

    Wow. Has it been forever since I last posted or what?? I went all ostrich on this site for a while and buried my writer’s brain in the new ScreamFree Marriage book. Well folks, it is finished (at least the first round of editing is) I am happy to report that Hal and I made […]