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  • Ask the Expert: Let the Consequences Do the Screaming

    My kids won’t do anything I ask unless I scream at them. And they won’t stop doing anything unless I scream some more. How am I supposed to be ScreamFree and get my kids to behave? Sincerely,  Screaming in Seattle First of all, being ScreamFree is not simply about lowering your volume; it’s about raising […]

  • The Thing Most Remembered: A Lesson for Dads

    Last week I had the privilege of spending some wonderful quality time with my kids. As a dad of a 4 and 3 year old, our time together is usually spent doing something active on the floor like rolling around or wrestling. The truth is, I am trying really hard to wear them out so […]

  • Is Allowance a Bad Word?

    Many things we do as parents have been handed down to us by previous generations.  And often we insert those traditions into our family without considering the purpose.  The child allowance is one example.  As parents, we have the opportunity to teach our children how to manage money, and one of the most common ways […]

  • New Year, New You?

    By: Hal Runkel How to make the most of a fresh start. Originally published January 1, 2010. It wasn’t always that way for me. I used to downplay New Year’s Eve to myself and others, and we used to be in bed by 12:01am, or worse, even earlier. I also used to avoid dancing at […]

  • Get A Grip

    “Grasp the subject, the words will follow.” -Cato the Elder (234 B.C.-149 B.C) ScreamFree’s Take Many times, when parents first encounter the ScreamFree material, they beg me, “Just tell me the right thing to do and then I can do it.” Believe me, I totally understand that desire. But I would be doing those parents […]