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  • Is Your Wife Overspending?

    Obviously, some folks think this quote is funny. In fact, a lot of comedians (and even some marriage experts) make their careers out of exploiting gender-based stereotypes.

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    Lies About Men & Women

    Obviously, some folks will think this quote is funny. A number of comedians (and some marriage experts) have made a career out of exploiting these gender-based stereotypes. You know the ones: all women just wanna spend their husband’s money, and all men are good for is making that money to spend.

  • Podcast #40 — Stereotypes are Always True…Except for When They’re Not

    On this week’s episode of “You Must Chill” Stereotypes don’t just rise up out of nowhere. They’re based in truth. But are they helpful? This week we talk about our perceptions of others (and ourselves) and how it all affects our relationships and our ability to adapt to change. Listen Here

  • More than Stereotypes

    “There is only one thing to do for a man who is married to a woman who enjoys spending money, and that is to enjoy earning it.” (Ed Howe) A ScreamFree Take on More Than Stereotypes: Obviously, some folks think that quote’s funny. Comedians and even some marriage experts make their careers out of exploiting […]