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  • The Time I Totally Lost It

    In the ten years since our first ScreamFree Parenting book came out, the world has changed dramatically, especially…

  • Knowing isn’t Growing

    An easy way to identify a source of anxiety is to look at truths we know…but don’t…

  • What You Are Not

    There is freedom when we realize, once and for all, that we cannot be anything we want to be.

  • Light-hearted

    One phrase that’s always interested me is “light-hearted.” A common way we hear it is this: “That movie is a light-hearted comedy.”

  • How do you define “Home”?

    I hope this quote is true for you. I hope that being “home” with your family does bring a million smiles. For others of you, I know it doesn’t.

  • I’ve got a dirty little secret…

    Jenny and I have some great friends who are about to have triplets. (I know…wow.) While we’re so thrilled for them, and cannot wait…

  • Good Night, Sleep Tight

    There are few things worse than a sleepless night. Except for maybe an endless parade of them with no end in sight.

  • Testing Comes Before Learning

    Hey folks, Jenny here (Hal’s my husband). As I’ve started a new school year (I teach 12th grade English), I’ve been reflecting on my daughter’s journey through school.

  • Thoughtful Wishing

    What do you want today?

    A perfectly obedient toddler? Your boss to call in sick? A cool breeze on a hot day by the pool? A stiff drink? An actual chore done by your teen? Sex with your spouse?

  • Did you do your chores?

    It’s officially summer where I live, and that means millions of Atlanta parents are preparing for battle. Some are jumping right in, hoping to get it right, right from the start (for these folks, there’s only one right way to do this). Some other parents are somehow on the opposite side of the spectrum, taking a laid-back approach this year, hoping that another year of life under their kids’ belts will somehow make those kids spontaneously feed the dog, take the garbage to the curb, and put away their folded laundry (somehow I doubt this will happen).