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  • 6.1 Daily Pause Responsibility Blog Post

    Did you do your chores? (part II)

    Yesterday we talked about the battle to get your kids to do their chores this summer. At least that’s how we introduced the topic. How we concluded the discussion was a bit different.

  • Did you do your chores?

    It’s officially summer where I live, and that means millions of Atlanta parents are preparing for battle. Some are jumping right in, hoping to get it right, right from the start (for these folks, there’s only one right way to do this). Some other parents are somehow on the opposite side of the spectrum, taking a laid-back approach this year, hoping that another year of life under their kids’ belts will somehow make those kids spontaneously feed the dog, take the garbage to the curb, and put away their folded laundry (somehow I doubt this will happen).

  • Have a Funner Summer

    Create a Summer Fun List! Are your kids already bored this summer? Get them together and create a summer fun list. Don’t forget the simple things! There is so much you can do for free.  

  • A New Level of Lame

    Hello Readers – We have finally returned from our venture out West and have (sort of) settled back into normality…whatever that may be. As you all know, Hal and I are furiously writing the marriage book this summer and in order to get anything done, we do our best to keep the little ninos busy. […]