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  • The time between all or nothing

    As in all areas of life, there are two extremes to following a routine: All, or nothing. Most people naturally gravitate towards one of…

  • It’s Your Time

    Well, my son is heading towards his senior year in high school, so it’s time to write him a book as well. I’m torn between two titles, but…

  • Hurry Hurry, Step Right Up

    Invariably, when I am in a hurry to check out at the grocery store, something will happen to make my line slower than a your average snail.

  • 4.19 screamfree parenting

    Kids Won’t Keep Us Together

    Okay, Mr. Armour poet man, so you’re saying that my kids are a kind of “distraction glue” for my marriage? That without them, my wife and I would have no choice but to separate, because then we’d have to face each other, faults and all?

  • Ask the Expert: Having a Strong Marriage While Being a Parent

    “In your seminars, you talk about how one of the best things we can give our kids is a strong and healthy marriage. As much as I agree, my husband and I are finding it hard to even breathe, much less connect with each other. I thought things would get less hectic as our kids […]