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  • Without truth…

    In order to find your peace, you have to face your conflicts. And this may mean forgiving some people in order to reconcile your differences.

  • Is that true?

    Question: When you read the quote above, how much weight do you put on who/where it came from?

  • Comfortably Insecure

    So much of our lives is spent in the pursuit of security. We arm our houses with locks, alarms, and even cameras. We insure those houses, along with our cars, and…

  • I believed them

    Each of my kids has lied to me, face to face. This is an entirely normal part of growing up. Sometimes…

  • Follow the Light

    I have to admit, I was surprised to find this lyric within such a jolly, simple song. “Peace on earth will come to all, if we just follow the light”?