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  • Why won’t my wife take time for herself?

    This past weekend I got to enjoy an annual guys’ golf trip. Eighteen of us left our work lives and loved ones behind to enjoy blistering temperatures, and even higher scores. It was three days of pure joy.

    Over the years, I’ve heard from numerous husbands how much they wish their wives would take similar time for themselves.

    “I’ve tried to suggest everything from a girls’ spa trip, a shopping & shows trip to NYC, or just a night away by herself in a downtown hotel, but she just won’t do it.”

  • Did you do your chores?

    It’s officially summer where I live, and that means millions of Atlanta parents are preparing for battle. Some are jumping right in, hoping to get it right, right from the start (for these folks, there’s only one right way to do this). Some other parents are somehow on the opposite side of the spectrum, taking a laid-back approach this year, hoping that another year of life under their kids’ belts will somehow make those kids spontaneously feed the dog, take the garbage to the curb, and put away their folded laundry (somehow I doubt this will happen).

  • 4.18 Screamfree Vacation

    Don’t take your kids on vacation

    Hopefully, you’re in the planning stages of this summer’s time off and time away. Whether you call it “going on holiday” or “taking a vacation,” I hope you’re able to get away for a while. If so, here’s all I ask: Don’t take your kids. I know, I know. The “family vacation” is a rite of passage for almost every family during almost every summer.

  • 3.4 scream free healthy family

    All or Something

    Is it okay if the whole family isn’t together? This was the gate agent’s question as we attempted to get on a different flight.

  • Holiday Survival Guide Part I

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 By: Hal Runkel Do more than just “make it through” another holiday season. Originally published on October 9, 2009. When Andy Williams sang the lyric, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, he must have been joking. What with presents to buy, parties to attend, and cheer to spread, we often […]

  • The Dust Has Settled

    Wow. Has it been forever since I last posted or what?? I went all ostrich on this site for a while and buried my writer’s brain in the new ScreamFree Marriage book. Well folks, it is finished (at least the first round of editing is) I am happy to report that Hal and I made […]

  • Rice a Roni….(just try and not finish the jingle – I dare you)

    Let me just say…for the record…San Francisco is one of the coolest towns I’ve ever been to. Literally. We just spent four days there (in JULY you might note) and never once did I take off my sweater. In fact, I came this close to buying one of those $9.99 fleece jackets they sell on […]