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May 15, 2018

Give Yourself a Break

“It is as wrong to deny the possible as it is to deny the problem.”
(Dr. Dennis Saleebey)


One of the saddest truths I know is this: We are our own harshest critics. Even if we are merely agreeing with the expectations of others, being overly critical of ourselves contributes to our own shame. This never produces long-term progress.


In order to move forward and become the person you want so desperately to be, you must learn to respond to yourself with compassion and understanding. Our ability to be authentic with others is linked to our level of self-acceptance and our willingness to cut ourselves some slack when we fail to live up to our own expectations.


Recognize your strengths. Know that you are far more capable than you think you are. This won’t dismiss the pain or the seriousness of your struggles, but it will put those struggles into the proper perspective. Your problems exist alongside your talents, your hopes, and your potential.


Peace begins with pause,