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May 14, 2018

Part of the Problem

“As long as you stand in your own way, what does it matter what other obstacles you face?”


While we all love to blame others for our unwanted circumstances, deep down we all have the same fear: What if it’s all my fault?


Well, it’s not. It’s just mostly our fault. Unless you’re in a concentration camp, your current life is largely up to you (and even there, according to Victor Frankl, you still have profound influence on any situation).


While I find this maddening in my own life, I also can find it empowering. If I’m part of the problem, and I’m willing to face it, then I can change a lot around me by simply changing me.


Of course, this doesn’t make it easy, and maybe that’s part of the reason I’m reluctant to be part of the problem.


But as we say in our ScreamFree Leadership program, if I’m not willing to be part of the problem, I can’t be part of the solution.


Peace begins with pause,