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Hal Runkel has been captivating audiences around the world with his revolutionary relationship wisdom for almost 20 years. His engaging style and self-deprecating humor is so entertaining, audiences forget they’re actually learning timeless, practical principles for life,
family, work, conflict, recovery, and so much more.

Bring Hal into your world, and your audience will come away enlightened about their relationships, encouraged about what they can do to effect change, and enthusiastic about getting started.

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What You Can Expect from an event with Hal Runkel:

Renewed Motivation
Revelatory Moments
Encouraging Inspiration
Practical Wisdom
Surprising Laughter

You come away enlightened about your relationships, encouraged about what you can do to effect change, and enthusiastic about getting started

You will never see your relationships in the same way, whether in your home, at the office, or in your community

The Power of Pause

All it takes to change a life is a single moment. That’s all it takes to ruin one as well. The difference is whether we can “take a moment” and respond, or whether we react, and let the moment overtake us.


Calm Down, Grow Up, and Get Closer :
Principles for a ScreamFree Marriage

Romantic relationships are the most meaningful to us all, and thus carry the most potential for the heights of passion and the depths of pain. But most romantic relationship advice is not only misguided, it’s downright harmful. 


 ScreamFree Parenting:
Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

Parenting is perhaps the most difficult leadership role on the planet. It is definitely the most important. With that kind of challenge, it is easy to become overwhelmed, and then try even harder to control our kids. 


 The ScreamFree Workplace: Getting Things Done by Getting Them Calm

When coworkers trust, respect, and even enjoy one another, their workplace not only becomes more peaceful, it becomes more productive. And yet, relationship experts spend far more time talking about family relationships in the home than relationships in the workplace. Until now.


ScreamFree Teaching: Leading Your Classroom by Managing Yourself

Research continually shows that the number one factor improving student success is classroom management. Teachers have the power, through effective leadership, to help students rise above their social status, family stress, and even prior grades and test scores to achieve new heights of academic achievement.


 Face Your Conflict, Find Your Peace (or... Making Conflict Work for You)

While almost all of us are afraid of it, the most successful people in the world have learned to love healthy conflict. Whether between spouses, colleagues, countries, or ideas, constructive conflict is the only path to true connection, growth, and peace.  How can we learn to calm our discomfort, and handle our emotions, in order to face our fears, and find this peace?


Choose Your Own Adulthood:The Small Choices that Make a Big Difference

Respond More, React Less…Create More, Critique Less…Finish More, Start Less. These are some of the small but significant choices of successful adults, and these are the choices teenagers and college students need to master.


Playing with Fire:  Teenage Sexuality in the Digital Age

Never before in human history have teens been this connected to other teens, nor had access to this much information (and misinformation) about sex. That combination is leading to enormous, problems involving sexting, cyberbullying, and child pornography.


The 7 Deadly Sins of the 21st Century

Immediacy. Consumerism. Emotional Reactivity. Sitting. These are but a few of the modern maladies of the human spirit. In the name of more speed, more stuff, and more comfort, we moderns are killing ourselves to be happy.


The ScreamFree principles have played an important role in my parenting style. Recently, I brought in Hal in to talk with my employees about creating a ScreamFree workplace. His smart, engaging style blew them away. They were challenged to redefine the way they think about their relationships in the office and at home. I would encourage every manager to bring Hal and ScreamFree in to work with their team, and in turn, dramatically increase morale and productivity.

Melissa Taylor
Partner and Managing Director,
Porter Novelli Atlanta

Are you ready to bring peace to your organization, community, company, or family?