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  • Wanna Take Charge of Your Life? Really?

    Authority is a tricky thing, really. Sometimes we crave it over somebody else, like a child we think needs to behave, or a co-worker who needs to get something done. Sometimes we crave it…

  • How Can I Teach My Kids to Be Respectful?

    “Being disrespectful” is a big one on many parents’ minds. Especially when your kids talk to you in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed of speaking to your own parents. Here’s the problem…

  • Learning to Lead

    As it turns out, good parenting really can keep your kids safe. Or at least it helps your chances of doing so. A recent study came out about teen driver safety and the findings are astounding. 5,600 teens were asked to place their parents in one of four categories: 1. Authoritative (high support/high rules) 2. […]