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  • The 2nd Best Phrase You Can Say

    “That does help explain your actions, but it does nothing to excuse them.”   Today’s phrase may not be something you’ve ever heard, much less something you’ve ever said. But in my experience, it’s the best way to make sense of people’s past actions and help everyone find a better future.   Remember the Tiger […]

  • The ScreamFree Chauffeur

    I remember when my kids were little. Occasionally, they would get fussy, and the only hope for getting them to sleep was a nice, slow drive in a warm minivan with some peaceful, classical music playing. Now they’re old enough to be bored in the backseat. One of them asks 400 questions per hour, and […]

  • The Thing Most Remembered: A Lesson for Dads

    Last week I had the privilege of spending some wonderful quality time with my kids. As a dad of a 4 and 3 year old, our time together is usually spent doing something active on the floor like rolling around or wrestling. The truth is, I am trying really hard to wear them out so […]

  • Avoiding the Chore Wars

    Ah…summertime. The living is easy. The fish are jumping. The cotton is high. And your house is a disaster! With kids out of school and laying around the house all day, how in the world are you supposed to be able to keep it livable in there? It’s time to get serious about chores. Chores […]

  • Setting Boundaries With Grandma…and Grandpa Too!

    It’s one of those trips that you take that most in your household really look forward to…the trip to grandma’s house. The kid’s are definitely excited. You….maybe not so much.   It’s not that you don’t like seeing your parents or in-laws, but walking through their door can bring up a tremendous amount of anxiety. […]

  • Nothing Is Working

    Originally Published October 16, 2009 Dear Hal, I don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I just need an outlet right at this moment, so here goes. My daughters fight constantly. I don’t know how to deal with them even after taking tons of parenting courses. I just want to cry. I don’t believe in […]