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  • Is Your House Upside Down?

    Ever wonder who’s in charge around your house?

  • The Best Way to Spoil Your Kids

    The best way to spoil your kids is not giving them too many material possessions. Some of the wealthiest families I know, who’ve supplied their kids with trips and gifts galore, are also some of the healthiest families I know.

  • How Can I Teach My Kids to Be Respectful?

    Last Saturday night, we had a fantastic Power of Pause event. Parents from near and far joined us at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, and we laughed with each other, and learned from one another.

  • Textiquette 101

    Here are some things to teach our teens, and ourselves:

  • The 3rd Worst Phrase You Can Say

    This phrase should only be allowed if we’re throwing our arms up in resignation while we say it, because that’s what we’re doing—resigning.

  • “Honey, we need to talk”

    These are dreaded words. No spouse or significant other wants to hear them.

  • Screamfree Parenting 8.8

    Let’s try to stop bragging about our kids

    Hey folks, Jenny here (Hal’s wife of 23 years as of yesterday). Let’s face it. Everyone likes to talk about how great their children are. That’s very normal. But, I’m going to shoot you straight on this one… Nothing will kill a room like a parent going on and on about junior’s latest phenomenal exploits.

  • Teens and Tech, Part II

    If we’re honest, one of the main reasons we parents struggle with our teens and technology is because we’re scared of being disliked.

  • 6.1 Daily Pause Responsibility Blog Post

    Did you do your chores? (part II)

    Yesterday we talked about the battle to get your kids to do their chores this summer. At least that’s how we introduced the topic. How we concluded the discussion was a bit different.

  • 5.20 screamfree children

    Your Home is a Think Tank

    I am a bit surprised when I hear parents say they aren’t interested in teaching their children to think for themselves. Their line of thinking goes something like this: “Children can’t be trusted to make good choices, so I can’t give them the option of choice. I have to tell them what to do so that I can make sure that they do the right things.”