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  • Without this, it doesn’t matter what you want

    “We want what we want.” I’ve heard that phrase used as…

  • True Job Security

    My 20-year-old daughter, Hannah, is working in two internships this summer. These experiences are vital for exposing her to a variety…

  • Is Loyalty Overrated?

    Tomorrow is the big day, when our newest book, Choose Your Own Adulthood, hits the bookstores everywhere. It’s a perfect gift book for any teenager/young adult, but…

  • The Danger for Talented Kids

    The world loves a good child prodigy. We celebrate precocious, otherworldly-talented youngsters like Magi to Messiahs, marveling at the youngest violinist, or mathematician, or Alabama football recruit.

  • Bullet Points for Life: Lessons to my children

    Character matters more than money, smarts, and education. I would rather you be a person of integrity than the smartest, wealthiest person on earth. Life is not fair. It stinks, but it really is true. There will be times when someone else gets the job you are more suited to or another guy/girl gets the […]