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  • Husbands are Not Big Kids

    It is very common, unfortunately, to make jokes about dads occupying the role of the biggest kid in the house; i.e. the biggest kid mom…

  • Feelings matter more than facts.

    My 19yo daughter is working her tail off as a full-time nanny this summer. She’s also taking babysitting jobs on the weekends. While I love this fantastic form of birth control for her, it can be exhausting work.

    Sometimes it can even be a little frightening. The other night, as the clock neared 10pm, she reached out and told me that for whatever reason, she was feeling scared for herself and the sleeping kids. “I know it’s not true, but sometimes it kinda feels like I’m in a horror movie!”

  • Terror in Our Homes

    I know it sounds foolish, but I honestly believe for most of us, we are more scared of those in our own homes than even the most evil terrorists in the world. This is not because the terrorists aren’t terrifying. It’s because for the vast majority of us, they aren’t terribly close. The chances of […]

  • Having a Clean House is Overrated

    Imagine your child in 25 years, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend as they reminisce about their childhood. What would you rather hear as a fly on the wall?

  • Did you do your chores? (part III)

    For the last two days, we’ve looked at the summertime dilemma of getting our kids to do their chores. What we’ve said so far is simple: none of us is responsible for getting our kids to do anything. As long as we feel responsible for them, they will never learn to take responsibility for themselves.

  • 3.1 screamfree wishing

    Careful Wishing

    As a kid, I always thought “Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it” was a confusing maxim. Why wouldn’t I want to get what I wished for? As an adult, of course, I’ve begun to understand. Put at its simplest, the proverb simply means that our ability to understand our desire is outmatched by the passion of the desire itself. What we so desperately crave now may be the very worst thing for us in the long run.

  • The One Thing You Must Do BEFORE Next Christmas

    As I walked the length of my driveway to my mailbox on a crisp, sunny, late autumn day, I was soaking in the beauty of the sun, while my feet crunched the fallen leaves below. I was excited to go to the mailbox. Not that I was expecting anything in particular. I just find myself […]

  • Angels with Dirty Faces

    “It is dangerous to confuse children with angels.” (David Fyfe) Sure, they look like little angels when they first arrive, but it only takes a few hours for you to realize the difference. When you place a child on a pedestal, expecting angelic perfection from them, you set them up for a great fall. You […]