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  • After We Put the Kids to Bed, How About…

    So it’s been a long day, perhaps even a long week. You’ve dealt with the stressors that come from working, juggling schedules, meeting deadlines and figuring out when and what to eat. You’ve enjoyed reconnecting with your kids, but you are also looking forward to tucking them in and kissing them goodnight. Maybe you have […]

  • Home Alone! Ideas for Empty Nesters to Spice Up Marriage

    Your last kiddo is gone out into the world, and suddenly, it’s you, your spouse, and crickets. Now before you let your heart strings start playing a sad violin melody, you should embrace the fact that this isn’t the end—it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life—and in your married life. As a […]

  • 12 Unique Valentine’s Dates

    Next week we celebrate a holiday that makes Hallmark smile and many people cringe:  Valentine’s Day.  So many emotions are tied up into that one day, so here’s a quick quiz to see which category you fall into: What’s your view of Valentine’s Day? a.       It’s a great excuse to have a romantic date with […]