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  • The hardest thing about being a father…

    Father’s Day, celebrated yesterday here in the States, can provoke some powerful reflection.

  • ICYMI — 21

    I cannot be the only one for whom this holiday season has felt like an eternity. I may need a break from the break! My guess is there are a number of you who might find a little online distraction particularly useful today. So, without further ado, here’s this week’s list of interesting things I […]

  • A Message to Dads: “We Can’t Go There”

    Dads. Can we talk a minute? I want to have a conversation with you about a lesson we need to teach our sons. To do so, we must begin by being honest with ourselves, okay? Let’s begin…. We have all lost it before. Can we admit that? I am talking about times in our past […]

  • Hey Mom, Isn’t That Your Weird Friend?

    I heard those words today as we were walking through Barnes and Noble purchasing our boatload of summer reading. I have to say that a few people crossed my mind as I turned to see who the kids were talking about. Then my eyes landed on this book. Yes, indeed children, that is my weird […]