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  • Reading is optional

    School is beckoning our kids out of summer. That usually means those books we bought…

  • Did you do your chores? (part III)

    For the last two days, we’ve looked at the summertime dilemma of getting our kids to do their chores. What we’ve said so far is simple: none of us is responsible for getting our kids to do anything. As long as we feel responsible for them, they will never learn to take responsibility for themselves.

  • #TBT — The Homework Cure

    This week we go back into the archives to answer something that seems to have plagued parents for decades. This is one of the handful of questions I get asked about everywhere I go. How do I get my kid to do his homework? I wrote this article a couple years ago, but it’s still […]

  • #TBT — The Madness of March

    For this week’s #TBT, I reached back into the archives and found an oldie but a goodie from our good friend Kelvin Teamer. It’s a reflection on Spring, the warmer weather we’ll enjoy, and the madness it so often inspires. March is here. Did you notice the preceding sentence ended with a period — and […]

  • Hee-Haw Parenting

    “In the education of children there is nothing like alluring the interest and affection, otherwise you only make so many asses laden with books.” (Michel De Montaigne) A donkey is a beast of burden; it carries whatever is put on its back. But we want more for our children than that. We want them to […]