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    Valentine’s Day Massacre?

    “Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” Antonio Banderas If you’ve read this, you know I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I can count on one hand the number of times Jenny and I have celebrated the occasion. Yesterday was not one of them. One of my reasons for this avoidance is […]

  • Thinking about Acting On Your Thinking

    “Thinking is easy, acting difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action, the most difficult thing in the world.” (Goethe) I think taking my wife on a date this weekend would be a good idea. Holidays are over, oldest is back up at college, and the youngest is wanting some time with his buddies, away […]

  • How to Stop Getting Lucky

    When I was younger I loved Garfield — you know…the cartoon cat. Loved Lasagna. Hated Mondays. I had a distant relative who sent me and my siblings Christmas presents every year. Although it was an incredibly kind gesture, they would invariably be horrible gifts. One year, however, I opened the box to discover a genuine […]