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  • Screen-Free Parenting?

    Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re entering the dog days of summer. That means, whenever it’s too hot or too rainy, bored kids will gravitate…

  • Leading a ScreenSmart Home

    All week we’ve looked at the power of screens in our lives; here are some guidelines. You’ll see more of these in…

  • screen time

    Rules for screen time

    Several years ago, when our kids were little, and as more and more screens entered our hourly lives, Jenny and I started using “screen time” as our go-to consequence for misbehavior.

  • Teens and Tech, Part II

    If we’re honest, one of the main reasons we parents struggle with our teens and technology is because we’re scared of being disliked.

  • I Hope Your Teens Aren’t Perfect

    Perfectionism is a disease. Once introduced into a system, it permeates into practically every arena of life: work, school, sport, parenting, romance, diet, exercise, sex…everything. What makes it so dangerous is how it can appear truthful, by infiltrating good virtues like excellence, quality, self-esteem, finishing a task, or “doing your best.”

  • Teens and Tech, Part 1

    In our plea for your questions last week, a large majority of you asked about teens and technology. There’s room for a whole book on that topic (and I may be writing one), but for now consider this:

  • ICYMI — 7

    Most Fridays I try to post links to interesting things I found while looking around these internets. Here’s this week’s list: Nick Gillespie writes a pretty “on the nose” article in the most recent issue of Time Magazine titled “Millennials are Selfish and Entitled and Helicopter Parents Are to Blame” — of course, I’d like […]