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  • Red Friday

    I don’t know why we call this intense shopping day “Black Friday.” Wouldn’t it be more accurate…

  • Puppy Power

    Yesterday I had to take Hannah and Brandon into the mall. Yes, you read that correctly. The mall. With kids. In December. Two of those three are on the “things that make Jenny curse” list – I’ll let you decide which two. We were there because Brandon HAD to have a white button down shirt […]

  • Attention Walmart Shoppers

    I try to avoid Walmart when I can. No, I’m not protesting their business ethics or anything like that – I just don’t like the store. Invariably, I’ll get to the end of my list and realize that I passed up the pharmacy section, located approximately 4 miles on the other end of the store. […]

  • The Sauce that Binds

    So, Hannah is now 12 and is officially hormonal. There are moments in the day when she is kind and sweet and there are other moments when she is …. um ….. not. I wanted to spend some time alone with her, so I pried her off of the computer and took her to Costco […]

  • It’s Official…Magic Shell is Crack Cocaine

    Does anyone else think that it is highly sketch that Magic Shell ice cream topping is touted as a substance that “freezes” when it hits oxygen? I have always been suspicious of this claim and have therefore always avoided said item. Well, I made the grand mistake of bringing my son to the grocery store […]