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  • The Best Way to Suffer Well

    The best way to suffer well is to practice something I like to call “servival.” Obviously, I like to make up words (“screamfree,” anyone?), and this one …

  • Don’t Advertise Your Suffering

    There are two things people do that almost universally put people off, and I’m afraid I am guilty of both: Bragging too much about…

  • How to Suffer Well

    While it’s not a cheery topic to discuss, suffering is universal. Whether it’s chronic pain, or grieving…

  • How Much Do You Care?

    “How do you explain to a little child why you have to go to jail? Coretta has developed an answer. She tells them that daddy has gone to jail to help the people.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) One night during the Montgomery bus boycott, Dr. King received a late phone call just as he […]

  • A New Foundation

    “Maybe the foundation for a new Birmingham will [not] be in mortar and stone, concrete and steel, or industry and commerce, but rather in the memory [of] the innocent blood of these precious children of God.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) When four little girls were killed in the horrible bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist […]