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  • #TBT — The Homework Cure

    This week we go back into the archives to answer something that seems to have plagued parents for decades. This is one of the handful of questions I get asked about everywhere I go. How do I get my kid to do his homework? I wrote this article a couple years ago, but it’s still […]

  • #TBT — 3-Year-Old Tantrums

    This week’s #TBT was written by yours truly several years ago. We used to do a series of articles called “Ask the Expert” where we’d answer questions sent in from folks just like you. Maybe we’ll bring that back someday. In the meantime, read this and let’s hope Sara’s daughter grew out of the tantrum […]

  • #TBT — When You Assume….

    This week’s #TBT comes from Hal. This article originally appeared on Valentine’s Day of 2012, but it’s actually a reflection on Valentine’s Day 1991. So…a throwback to an article that was a throwback. But the point is still just as valid today as it ever was: Rather than asking your partner to make assumptions, represent […]

  • #TBT — Just Be Cool

    The ScreamFree Institute has hundreds of articles — some of them dating back to a time before there was a thing called Facebook. Many of these articles contain the kind of really helpful advice and wisdom that deserves more than one shot at being noticed. Fortunately, #TBT is a thing now! Each Thursday, we’ll comb […]