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  • Furry Little Distractions

    My friend Don McLaughlin tells a story about his family’s visit to the Grand Canyon. They were all standing at the rim, mouths agape at the sheer size and spectacular beauty…

  • A Technology High

    There was a commercial out last year promoting the Virtual Reality headgear of the new Samsung phone. The ad shows multiple people of all ages and colors, experiencing…

  • Attention is Expensive

    In this age of technology, a lot of attention is being paid to our struggle with attention. Usually, we’re decrying the fact that the…

  • A Technology High

    There’s a new commercial out, promoting the Virtual Reality headgear of the new Samsung phone. The ad shows multiple people of all ages and colors, experiencing VR technology for the first time.

  • Launching Hope

    According to census data in 1960, about 18% of 25-year-olds in America lived with their parents. In 2015, that number was over 30%. These aren’t kids in college claiming their parents’ home as their permanent address. These aren’t 22-year-olds having just graduated. These are 25-year old adults, still crashing with Mom & Dad. 

  • Teens and Tech, Part II

    If we’re honest, one of the main reasons we parents struggle with our teens and technology is because we’re scared of being disliked.

  • I Hope Your Teens Aren’t Perfect

    Perfectionism is a disease. Once introduced into a system, it permeates into practically every arena of life: work, school, sport, parenting, romance, diet, exercise, sex…everything. What makes it so dangerous is how it can appear truthful, by infiltrating good virtues like excellence, quality, self-esteem, finishing a task, or “doing your best.”

  • Teens and Tech, Part 1

    In our plea for your questions last week, a large majority of you asked about teens and technology. There’s room for a whole book on that topic (and I may be writing one), but for now consider this:

  • ICYMI — 29

    For the first time in quite a while, I’m not on an airplane. I’m actually writing this to you, dear readers, from my living room! This time last week I was wrapping up some time spent with the good folks at Fort Irwin, CA. The week before that it was Seattle. The week before that […]

  • ICYMI — 11

    Most Fridays you’ll find me here posting links to interesting things I found while looking around the internet. I post them here just in case you missed it. Hence the title of the post. Get it? I don’t think it’ll come as a shock to hear that people are often less than completely truthful when […]