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  • TBT: Advice on Giving Advice

    Giving advice to anyone is tricky business. A good rule of thumb to follow is…

  • Dating Lessons

    Talking to teenagers about dating can prove very difficult. Choosing which of our own experiences to share, and which of our hard-earned lessons to teach, is half the battle.

  • The 3rd Worst Piece of Relationship Advice Ever Given

    This week we’re looking at the worst pieces of relationship advice ever given. Here’s the 3rd worst: “Trust is the foundation of every relationship.”

  • The 4th Worst Piece of Relationship Advice Ever Given

    Today’s piece of advice is often handed down to parents as their adorable infant transforms into an intolerable two-year old:

  • The 5th Worst Piece of Relationship Advice Ever Given

    Time for another week-long list. This time, we’re counting down the five worst pieces of relationship advice ever given. Some of these concern romantic relationships, and others have to do with parenting and other family connections.

  • It Ain’t Easy

    Giving advice for someone else’s actions is among the easiest things to do in the world. And normally what we prescribe for that someone else to do is remarkably easy as well.

  • 3 Hopes for My Teenagers

    Adolescence has always been difficult. In our current digital realm, where teens live and breath and bully, that difficulty seems to have multiplied by a factor of 10.

  • The Best Way to Spoil Your Kids

    The best way to spoil your kids is not giving them too many material possessions. Some of the wealthiest families I know, who’ve supplied their kids with trips and gifts galore, are also some of the healthiest families I know.

  • The 2nd Best Phrase You Can Say

    Today’s phrase may not be something you’ve ever heard, much less something you’ve ever said. But in my experience, it’s the best way to make sense of people’s past actions and help everyone find a better future.

  • The 5th Best Phrase You Can Say

    A few weeks ago we did a series on “The 5 Worst Phrases You Can Say.” This week we’re doing the opposite, trying to highlight phrases that, in my experience, are the most helpful in creating positive change.