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  • Complaining doesn’t lead to change

    For the most part, spouses would rather complain to others about their current marital pattern than calmly, authentically ask…

  • Stop talking about your problems

    We see it everyday:

    –people on their cell phones, talking animatedly about what another person did to them, and what they told them (or wished they had told them) in reply

  • 4.10 screamfree complain

    Why We Love to Complain

    Yesterday, we talked about the first reason we like to complain about others (as opposed to confronting face-to-face): we can feel a sense of community with those who share, or validate, our complaints. Yes, this is a commiseration, a community of the miserable, but it at least feels productive.

  • Complaining Complainers and the Complaints They Complain

    We all know someone who complains about it being cold in January but then complains about it being hot in August. Some people just love to complain. Okay…maybe all people love to complain. This week Hal and John talk about complaining — why it’s so addictive and what to do instead. Listen Here