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  • The 30-Year-Old Baby

    Perhaps you saw this story last month, about a couple suing their 30-year-old to make him move out of the house.

  • I believed them

    Each of my kids has lied to me, face to face. This is an entirely normal part of growing up. Sometimes…

  • Choose to Let Them Choose

    More than anything, our ability to choose is what makes us human. It is also the primary determinant of our…

  • What a tangled web we weave…

    Whenever we deceive others, in order to make things better for ourselves in the moment, we deceive ourselves most of all. The real lie is thinking that by…

  • Obedience is Overrated

    There is a natural tendency for kids to “cut their teeth” on us by trying out harsh emotions and pushing against us on seemingly small matters. This shouldn’t surprise us; in fact, we should…

  • TBT: Punish and Perish

    Some of the biggest mistakes we parents (and all leaders) make is our stubborn belief in punishment. “You deserve to be punished” is such a…

  • Help! My kid keeps lying!

    For today’s Pause, I’ve chosen to address a very common parenting question, one many of you have sent in over the years.

  • Lead Them to Manage Themselves

    There are few things I find more self-sabotaging than parents trying to manage their kids’ behavior.

  • Our mistakes do not define us

    Other people’s reactions to our mistakes do not define us, even when they have power over us.

  • How Can I Teach My Kids to Be Respectful?

    Last Saturday night, we had a fantastic Power of Pause event. Parents from near and far joined us at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, and we laughed with each other, and learned from one another.