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  • Response+ability

    My greatest hope for your kids is for each of them become a “responsible” adult. I know, I know, every parent says that. But not every parent means it the way I do. Most parents, when they say the word…

  • Who’s Your Daddy? (And Mommy, and…

    Gratitude assignment for the day: List 3 to 5 things about …

  • Freedom can be dangerous

    This weekend is yours. It belongs to you, and you are free…

  • Pausing to Remember

    Over the last several years, we’ve had the chance to make over 200 visits to US military installations around the world. We’ve gotten to…

  • Stop Doing Your Duty

    I know this may sound crazy, but contrary to what your grandparents may have told you, duty and obligation and honor are not the highest values of civilization. And they’re among the worst values for creating great relationships.

  • The Freedom of Responsibility

    Next week I’m losing a teenager; my daughter Hannah is turning 20. The week after that I’m getting a new titanium hip. Good God, help me, I’m getting old.

  • screamfree develop

    Born to Be Freed

    According to the author of America’s foundational document, we were all born to live, and be free. We parents would be wise to remember this whenever we feel our kids push the boundaries for more…freedom.

  • Podcast #39: Freedom FROM and Freedom FOR

    On this week’s episode of “You Must Chill” It’s that time of year again when Americans celebrate their independence by eating, drinking, and blowing things up! This week Hal and John discuss the two sides of freedom and how America serves as a metaphor for our teens’ impending independence. Listen here.