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November 22, 2017

Who’s Your Daddy? (And Mommy, and…

“Honor thy father and thy mother, so that life may go well for you.”
(The 5th of the Ten Commandments, The Hebrew Bible)


Gratitude assignment for the day: List 3 to 5 things about both your father and your mother for which you’re extremely thankful.


This may be easy if you have/had amazing parents who loved you, never expected anything in return, and supported you becoming you. List ten things if you can.


This may be extremely difficult, however, if you have/had narcissistic parents who smothered or abandoned you, demanded your obedience and respect, and resented you becoming you.


Do this exercise anyway. I dare you. Not for them, but for you. When you can be grateful for something about your parents, you can actually free yourself from some of your resentment (which actually keeps you bound to them, and to your past, in a painful way.)


Just 3 to 5 things about each. You don’t have to tell them to their face (or to their grave); you don’t have to tell anybody. But stretch yourself to do it.


Peace begins with pause,



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