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  • Calm can be aggravating

    When your child is on the rampage for a good fight, the worst thing you can do is give her one.

  • Suspenders

    You are on the hardest journey of life, this climb towards the best you possible. This is the journey of maturity, where you…

  • Real Mature

    “Maturity is both a static and a dynamic concept.” (Leo Buscaglia)   OK, let’s finish our discussion on maturity (for now). It’s generally understood that mature people have a strong sense of who they are, separate and apart from others. They understand their need for intimate relationships, but they are not dependent upon others to […]

  • Act Your Age

    Yesterday, I talked about how I sometimes struggle to act my age. There seems to be this natural phenomenon…

  • Tell Me, Don’t Show Me

    Funny thing about revenge – in an effort to heal our hurt we decide to hurt right back. Whenever we choose to…

  • An Ignorance That Leads To Wisdom

    Maturity requires an awareness of three truths

  • Our mistakes do not define us

    Other people’s reactions to our mistakes do not define us, even when they have power over us.

  • Hurts So Good

    In theory, we all know we could stand to improve in certain areas, but hearing other people say so can throw us for a loop. Especially when we don’t see it coming.

  • Growing Up with Our Children

    In our family, this statement couldn’t be more true. Jenny and I were practically babies ourselves when we got married and I shudder when I think of how naïve we were when Hannah came into the world.

  • Adult Education

    People often ask if being ScreamFree means not caring what other people think, do, or say anymore. This is a fairly common misconception amongst people who tend to think in extremes. Either you allow their words and actions to boil your blood or you shut down emotionally and tune everything out.