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June 19, 2017

An Ignorance That Leads To Wisdom

“We have an almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.”
(Daniel Kahneman)

Maturity requires an awareness of three truths:
1. There’s a lot you don’t know
2. A lot of what you do know is wrong
3. Your biases shape your knowledge more than you know.


You have biases, ways of thinking that you inherited from parents, from teachers, from the time and place in which you live. The way you see the world is largely colored by the lenses through which you look.


Mature and humble people know this, and that kind of humility is what leads to wisdom.


Wisdom is not a body of information to be learned. Wisdom comes by embracing your limitations, recognizing your biases, and rejecting overconfidence. Ultimately, wisdom means knowing what you don’t know, and refusing to ignore your ignorance.


Peace begins with pause,


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