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  • Give Yourself a Break

    One of the saddest truths I know is this: We are our own harshest critics. Even if we are merely agreeing with the expectations of others, being overly critical of ourselves…

  • Is it too late?

    Is it too late? I get asked that question on a regular basis. After learning about the power of pause, and the ScreamFree way of living and leading, some people are eager to know if their mistakes are too great to overcome. My answer is always…

  • The Price of Non-Admission

    “Only God knows the number of patients who went prematurely to their graves because of me.” (Dr. Ignawtz Semmelweis) Yesterday we spoke of the wisdom of admitting our mistakes. It simply makes sense to do so because all we’re doing is testifying that since the mistake we’ve become wiser, wise enough to see the error […]