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July 21, 2015

A K.I.S.S. from Your Kids

Hal photo outside Feb2012“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. ” (C.W. Ceram)

My daughter heads off to college this year, and as a gift, I’m writing her a book of Dad’s wisdom. Now, as you might imagine, this is not a gift she asked me for; we’ll see if she ever reads it. I know for sure she won’t if :

  • It’s long
  • It’s complicated

As any of us try to impart wisdom to our teens, these are the standards they call us to. Keep it brief, and keep it simple. Here’s a good rule of thumb: leave ‘em wanting more. If they ask follow-up question, you’ve done well. Here’s an example:

“If a friend seems to take more than she gives, then calmly tell her. If she gives an apology, beautiful. If she takes offense, she’s still taking.”


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