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April 7, 2016

AMA: Marriage, Anxiety, and Jealousy

One thought on “AMA: Marriage, Anxiety, and Jealousy

  1. Hal,
    I completely agree with the premise of “Scream Free” and I genuinely try to practice it, holding myself accountable for how I respond to challenges (though often falling well short of my goal).
    What I cannot reconcile is what to do when the pattern of behavior of the other spouse does not change and the same frustrating pattern persists, seemingly into perpetuity. From small annoying things like husbands being the last one out of bed to repeatedly lying. When confronted met with exasperation and victim mentality. When asked if they reflected on their own contributions – considering that perpetuation of things that are known to be problematic, would likely not have positive outcomes – the response is “NO, in fact I walk away feeling angry and resentful of you”.
    How can there be progress? How does one decide how much effort to put into an equation like this?
    VERY MUCH looking forward to your thought on this!

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