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April 16, 2018

Choose Your Own Adulthood

“It is our choices…that show us who we really are,
far more than our abilities.”
(J.K. Rowling)


The greatest adventure in life is the transition into adulthood. Nothing compares to the newfound freedoms, possibilities, and responsibilities that come with life on your own. As my daughter began that journey several years ago, I was smartly advised by some friends to start writing occasional letters to her as her high school life was ending, and her college life approaching.


Well, I took this WAY too seriously, and what started as some letters turned into an Amazon bestselling book. And now, I’m proud to announce it has become our latest offering on the Pause Platform. Choose Your Own Adulthood is available in both High School and College Editions, with a Young Adults in the Workplace version coming soon.


The courses are made up of 16 different choices that define what our adult lives will become. These are not the clearcut right vs. wrong choices we all know about, but rather the do more of this, do less of that variety. Respond More, React Less, for instance. Or Create More, Critique Less. Another fun one is Choose More of What You Want Most, and Less of What You Want Right Now.


These choices are the exact lessons I wanted my daughter to take with her as she began to launch, and I could not be more excited to launch these lessons to you guys, our Daily Pausers, and to the rest of the world.


Look for more details in an email later today. Or go directly to The Pause Platform and click on the High School or College Edition to read more. For the rest of this week, we’ll be devoting our Daily Pauses to some of the choices in the program, encouraging you to help your students create the life they want most.

Peace begins with pause,


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