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July 24, 2015

Comfortably Insecure

Hal photo outside Feb2012“The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.” (H. Stanley Judd)

So much of our lives is spent in the pursuit of security. We arm our houses with locks and alarms, and even cameras. We insure those houses, along with our cars, and even our lives. We invest our hard-earned cash into stocks & bonds, and even call them “securities.” (And no one laughs.)

Even more, we go out of our way to protect our kids from any and all harm, lest we try to sleep at night without such security.

It’d be great if any of these searches for security actually worked, but of course, they can only offer a measure of insulation against the truth: There are no guarantees. There is no such thing as absolute safety. There is no other human, and no other thing, that can make us feel totally secure.

Ironically, the most secure people you and I know are the ones who are most comfortable with this truth.


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