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April 14, 2017


Fellow Daily Pausers, thank you so much for the enthusiasm you’ve shown for our newest book, Choose Your Own Adulthood! Thanks to you guys, this little graduation gift book became an Amazon Bestseller the first day, and we’re still reaching more and more graduates and their families with this empowering message.

Two requests:

  1. If you’ve already read a copy, would you be so gracious to offer a review on amazon, or goodreads?
  2. If you have any friends or families heading towards a high school or college graduation, send them a copy! As you may know, this book was originally written for my daughter as she left for college, so it’s designed to be a perfect little graduation gift book.

The world needs more adults, wouldn’t you agree? That’s the cause that drives us, and that’s the why behind everything we do here.

I believe this book can help.

Peace begins with pause,

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