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August 24, 2015

Emerging Adults?

Hal photo outside Feb2012 One prominent researcher says that we are witnessing the discovery of a new life phase, that of the “emerging adult.” After adolescence, this guy says, our kids will not become young adults when they turn 20. No, they will then become emerging adults. They won’t become “young adults” until the ripe old age of 30. Maybe then, after their brains have been fully developed for five years, we can expect our kids to make more mature decisions.

I guess none of us should be too terribly surprised by any of this. After all, we’ve all been crying out for a while now that 50 is the new 40—why shouldn’t 30 be the new 20?

Here’s why: Protecting our kids from the responsibility of making choices, until their brains fully develop around the age of 25, neglects how our brains develop in the first place—by making choices.

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