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February 24, 2015

End Game

Hal photo outside Feb2012“If your children look up to you, you’ve made a success of life’s biggest job.” (Author unknown)

We all want our children to respect us. The difficulty is this: you can’t MAKE someone feel respect towards you. In fact, the more you try to force that respect, the smaller you become in their eyes. And it’s awfully hard to look up to small people.

So, think of this. Who do you look up to and why? I’ll bet that they are people who treated you with respect and through their actions and their integrity earned yours in return. A quiet calm in all of your actions will draw your children towards you and will enable you to access the best parts of yourself. Who won’t respect that?

One thought on “End Game

  1. Many parents seem to have this idea of demanding that their children respect them. But demanding respect never works, does it? Instead, to gain respect from your children, give it to them first! Model it, show them how it’s done. Respect is a reciprocal thing, but it’s not something you can force or demand of anyone.

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