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March 10, 2017

Family Isn’t Always Friendly

“Being related hardly insures relatability.”
(Michael E. Angier)

Just because you’re family doesn’t mean you get along. No duh, right? What you may be surprised to hear is that you don’t necessarily have to. It’s perfectly okay to keep some distance between blood relations, and even advisable in some cases.

What matters is the motive. If it’s because the person is always a drain, and never a fountain, then keep your contact minimal. If it’s because the relative can’t stop triangulating you into their problems with another relative, keep your distance.

If it’s because of something on your end, however, like your inability to forgive the person even though they’ve apologized, or because they don’t always agree with you, then be careful. That’s when family is usually doing its best work on us.

Peace begins with pause,

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